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Launch day. The website is live but remains on continuous construction. Please feel free to browse and use our contact form if you have any questions or requests.


Epic Expressions website is under reconstruction and will be re-launched 1st January 2017. Our service offerings are being simplified and we will focus on individuals and small businesses.

About Us

About Us

Running a small business in can be hard work. It's a 24/7 job, often without huge returns, but being your own boss does have it's advantages.

However, it is also accompanied by disadvantages, especially for a start-up business, and one of them is the lack of budget to spend on having someone develop a company website for you.

Personal circumstances have brought me to reside in Thailand where the lower cost of living and extra time on my hands has enabled me to provide very cost effective website development service aimed at the small business with limited funds.

Working togetherWorking togetherHaving run a small business for a number of years in the UK, we understand only too well the reluctance to take that step onto the website ladder. That reluctance is often driven by budget constraints and not really understanding how to get started.

Given the my current location and in order to maintain extremely low prices, communication with customers is generally done via email.
When the need arises I can also have a 'face to face' with customers via Skype.

And if Thailand strikes a chord of uncertainty, don't worry, we ask only for a 50% deposit with the balance on completion of your website according to an agreed Scope of Work.

If you are reading this then the chances are that you are considering a professionally built website but are concerned of potential high costs.

So worry no more,you have just stumbled across the most cost effective solution to your website needs.


We look forward to forging a successful working relationship with you.