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Launch day. The website is live but remains on continuous construction. Please feel free to browse and use our contact form if you have any questions or requests.


Epic Expressions website is under reconstruction and will be re-launched 1st January 2017. Our service offerings are being simplified and we will focus on individuals and small businesses.




There are many individuals and small businesses that really don't know how the get started with an internet presence, whether just an info site or to start selling. It seems a bit daunting and can be expensive.

It's not rocket scienceIt's not rocket science

Our approach is a bit different to most. We help you get started from obtaining your domain name like to prividing some webserver space and getting a website up and running. We would start by having a chat about what you are looking for, what options we can offer and what the cost is likely to be.


Self HelpSelf HelpWe encourage you to self help as much as possible. This keeps you involved from day 1 and helps to keep the costs down. The time consuming part is deciding on your content, how you envisage the website layout and preparing the images and textural content. The more of this you can do yourself the less time you spend having this done for you.



Let's talkLet's talk

Our communication is email or Skype based rather than physical meetings so no keeping to appointments and so we can discuss at a time that suits you best. First we have a general chat which should give you some food for thought. Then we discuss your idea and how we can implement it. We would then go off to obtain your domain and prepare your server space. When we have your software loaded and configured we can start on you content.


Prestashop DashboardPrestashop Dashboard

If your website will be for e-commerce we will use Prestashop. This is one of many available shopping carts but it is also one of the best and the one in which we specialise.

In this case we will ask you to prepare around 10-products with images, descriptions, specifications (size, weight, prices etc.). We will the prepare and start to upload your content.


These first products will be the examples for you to follow and refer to when you start to add your content yourself. We will help you set up a payment gateway, like Paypal, so you are able to take payments for your products. We will also configure your shipping options. In no time at all you will be doing it all yourself we will be with you along the way all the time knowing we are here to support you when you hit a snag.